Why Choose Our Ricardo Duty Management Solution ? Ricardo - or as it will become known, Customs Manangement UK (CM UK) is a universal system used by all our clients, providing them with the comfort that wide usage brings and the knowledge that when Ricardo CFSP Solution is upgraded, the upgrade process is a standard operation, without the need to prioritise specific issues or clients.

  • Ricardo/CM UK CFSP Solution is user friendly, with straight forward navigation through enquiry menus and easy to use drill down options.
  • Ricardo/CM UK CFSP Solution is future proof - because of its wide usage, it will grow with you and not limit your future Customs operations.
  • Ricardo/CM UK CFSP Solution is a transactional driven duty management/reporting system. It provides an irrefutable audit trail from import through to removal at invoice line and stock item level. You can also link enquiries to actual images of key shipping and import documents.
  • Ricardo/CM UK CFSP Solution 's technical architecture allows for the provision of peripheral utilities tailored to meet your needs at point of data entry or extract.
  • Ricardo/CM UK CFSP Solution is a modular system, with all modules integrating seamlessly, to eliminate duplication of data.
  • Ricardo/CM UK CFSP Solution allows you to automatically import transactions generated by your other commercial systems, dramatically reducing data input, and to reconcile stock held in Ricardo CFSP Solution with stock held in your commercial/ERP system.
  • Ricardo/CM UK CFSP Solution uses Crystal Reports to produce an extensive range of embedded management reports.
  • Ricardo/CM UK CFSP Solution stores an unlimited amount of data (subject only to your hardware), and provides you with facilities for roll-back of data and purge and archive routines.
Customs Duty Management, CFSP Software

CFSP Imports

The core of duty management processes in the UK is the ability to report your imports to HMRC, electronically and after the event. This covers both Simplified Declaration Procedure (SDP) and Local Clearance Procedure (LCP) - known under the UCC as Entry into Declarants Records (EIDR).

Ricardo/CM UK CFSP is the gold standard solution operated by a unique cross section of industry providing our users with benefits in and of itself and access to the many and various Customs reliefs and procedures.

Customs Warehousing

A Customs Warehouse is a location or premises that is approved for the storage, duty and VAT free, of goods liable to import duty. It allows the warehouse owner to hold imported non-Union goods in the EU and only pay duty/import VAT when the goods are delivered to a UK/EU customer, delivering greater flexibility and significant cashflow advantages.
Customs warehouses can be used for either public use (by authorised warehouse keepers for storage of goods deposited by other traders), or for private use (for storage of goods deposited by an individual trader authorised as the warehouse keeper). Our Ricardo/CM UK Customs Warehousing solution provides both compliance and simplification of the whole Customs warehousing procedure, whilst retaining all of the benefits that warehousing can offer, saving your business time and money.

Customs Reliefs

Depending on the processes an importer undertakes, the type of goods they import and indeed the ultimate destination of the goods, a number of duty reliefs exist within EU customs legislation. These reliefs usually require an authorisation from the customs authorities to operate (whether required to be applied for in advance or at the point of importation) and an internal control regime to satisfy the requirements of the relief - Ricardo/CM UK provides the type of robust infrastructure needed to manage the reliefs and gain the optimum benefit available.


Intrastat is a system that allows for the collation of information and statistics on the trade of goods between EU member countries.
Our Ricardo/CM UK Intrastat Software Solution processes your data in an acceptable Customs format, using standard business records and information already held in Ricardo - so avoiding duplication and manual collation/data extraction.
The system only requires a single operation to meet all Customs requirements for intra-EC reporting on Intrastat, ESL and VAT. It also allows for flexible reporting periods to match your own accounting periods, and provides full audit reports.

Aerospace & Defence

The Aerospace and Defence industry is enshrined in EU customs law as effectively duty free but this benefit does come with conditions and control processes.
Our Ricardo/CM UK Aerospace & Defence model implementation utilises the various reliefs available in a format and structure that maximises the benefit available and minimises the leakage of duty that can occur.


Our pre eminent position in the import field, deep understanding of the legislative
backdrop and ground breaking developments in automated NES processing have enabled us to develop our E- Commerce Multi Channel Retail Customs Solution (Ricardo/CM UKMCRCS).
The solution links together Customs Warehousing/IP/Automated NES to meet the
joint needs of allowing the commercial supply process to occur with the minimum of
disruption whilst legitimately working around the restriction of retail sales in a
Customs Warehouse. The result
is a mixed tax and operational cost saving.
Although the overall legislative and procedural process is in place each implementation of Ricardo MCRCS is tailored to meet your specific commercial needs.


SASP or Single Authorisation for Simplified Procedures (formerly known as Single European Authorisation - SEA) represents a means of truly exploiting Pan-EU Customs Legislation. SASP allows an importer to declare imports/warehouse removals/other procedures in one EU Member State in respect of physical imports that occur in other EU Member States.
We are pioneers in the SASP market, with half of the UK based SASPs using Ricardo SASP Software Solution to report imports/warehouse removals/OPR processes in the Netherlands and Germany via the UK. More SASP implementations are being pursued by a number of our clients, cementing our position as the clear SASP market leader.


HMRC's National Export System offers huge benefits to traders able to automate their processes. With our Ricardo/CM UK NES solution, the declaration processes are moved inland, relying on data interfaces with your commercial system. The benefits to be gained from operating Ricardo NES can be considerable, including: a potential reduction in freight agents' export clearance fees; speedy clearance through ports /airports as consignments are automatically 'cleared'; Customs examinations at exporter's premises; automated export evidence for VAT zero rating purposes; and direct control of export declarations.
In addition to our standard exports solution we also offer a fully automated NES solution incorporating an integrated courier/ shipper consignment notification process.

Automotive Customs Export Solution

Like many exporters, Vehicle Manufacturers (VM) tend to rely on clearance agents/shipping lines to undertake their export declarations. Depending on the processes and systems employed, the VM is unaware of any failings in the process until HMRC raise specific queries in respect of specific vehicles. The gap between the VM's duty mitigation processes and the agent's export declarations can jeopardise the tax savings that are reliant upon them.
Our ACES links together Customs Warehousing/IP/Automated NES to meet the joint needs of allowing the commercial supply process to occur with no disruption whilst meeting the legislative framework surrounding export declarations and their "real time" importance.

Management Information

The provision of Management Information ("MI") is at the core of our design philosophy.

Although Ricardo/CM UK is the UK's leading Customs reporting software, its strength is truly seen via its ability to hold and report vital MI. Whether that information is in respect of product/SKU level duty and VAT liability, or feeding through to more sophisticated landed cost or duty relief modelling, Ricardo provides that data in a user friendly format through its on screen enquiries or reports/software extracts.