Customs Consultancy

Procedural Reviews

The support that we offer to all our clients extends way beyond initial implementation and responding to technical queries on the use of Ricardo. We want you to continue to derive maximum benefit from our software and the duty minimisation procedures available throughout your relationship with us.
We work with you to make sure that your business is achieving the optimum level of cost minimisation that is available from using our software and that all your Customs related activities are compliant, and conducted in the most effective way.

Our team of experts can:

  • Undertake a thorough review of your operation of Ricardo CFSP Solution and all associated processes at your premises
  • Produce a full report of findings, analysis and recommendations on how to save time, resources, and money whilst ensuring compliance
  • Discuss the recommendations with you and agree a timetable and method for implementing them
  • Help you to put the recommendations in place and make them work for your business
Customs Duty Management, CFSP Software


Our implementation services underpin the delivery of both the software and regime benefits.
The Ricardo implementation process, by necessity, runs along two parallel tracks that converge nearer the end of your project. The broad tracks are "Authorisation/Process" and "IT".
The IT side is all about installation, identifying the relevant data and trigger points and extracting the data at the correct time from our clients' IT systems.
Although there is clearly a link to process, this can and should happen independently to the "Authorisation/ Process" part of the implementation. This part of the implementation is all about obtaining the required authorisations from HMRC, providing them with sight of written procedures and ensuring that the commercial and Customs procedures fit together to provide the benefits our client's need/want.

Customs Duty Management, CFSP Software


We run a full range of courses - covering all functionality in Ricardo for basic operator to advanced 'super user' level.
Training is integral to getting the most out of Ricardo - whether as part of the implementation process or further down the line. Standard courses can be run for groups or individuals, but we also tailor courses to fit your commercial needs and knowledge base.
In addition to Ricardo training, we run sessions to ensure you are equipped with the necessary Customs procedural knowledge to work effectively.
Courses are run at our office in Orpington, or at your premises.

Customs Duty Management, CFSP Software

Health Checks

We strive to build a long term relationship with our clients - 10 years plus is very common. So, as a Grosvenor client, we work with you to ensure you continue to gain maximum benefit from Ricardo and the duty minimisation procedures available.
In addition to the post implementation review we offer as standard, we welcome the opportunity to visit you to undertake a full review of your operation of Ricardo and associated processes, to ensure that your Customs related activities are compliant, and conducted in the most effective way.

Customs Consultancy


Because of the detailed level of granularity Ricardo operates at, we are able to support duty reclaim processes in respect of, for example, Classification, Valuation (be it Retrospective Price adjustments or the like), Retrospective claims to Preference.

Customs Consultancy


The advent of the Union Customs Code on 1/5/2016 has and will increase the benefits of obtaining and maintaining Authorised Economic Operator status - whether the benefit is in respect of maintaining the operational positives of CFSP, Customs Warehousing etc., or reducing the level of deferment account guarantee you need.
CFSP is seen by many to be a natural stepping stone towards AEO approval, and indeed, as an AEO, we have a unique and natural insight into the AEO authorisation process as a whole.

What we won't do is to try and sell you "AEO Training" - what we will do is help you achieve the level of knowledge you need to apply for and obtain AEO. The UCC specifically says "outsourcing" your customs management to an existing AEO allows you to meet the "practical standards of competence" test of your own application.