Management of your Customs duty processes is not just about software - it's not just about process. It is a balance between the two - a balance that we have provided to our clients for over 30 years.

The key for our clients is that we ensure that we are at the forefront of both technical and procedural developments - working closely with UK HMRC, influencing where we can, and translating Customs controls into practical commercial operations.


Our Ricardo suite of software is the UK's leading Customs duty management/ reporting solution with over 200 importers and exporters relying on its business critical applications. It is flexible enough to meet your commercial needs coupled with the required rigid controls HMRC and the EU Commission want to see in place.
As a transactionally driven system, Ricardo provides an irrefutable audit trail from import through to removal at invoice line and stock item level. Although at the core of Ricardo is its Customs reporting capability, its commercial strength comes from its ability to provide unit level management information at the press of a button.
Ricardo's maturity underpins its ability to comply and its ability to meet the challenges of the future (Brexit, CDS, etc).
It combines experience and knowledge with IT innovation, giving you the confidence you need when dealing with HMRC.

Customs Duty Management, CFSP Software

Consultancy & AEO

We are not traditional, pay by the minute Customs consultants. Our knowledge of Customs law, practice and procedure informs and enhances our solutions' implementations. We apply our operational, not just academic knowledge, to all questions raised, offering a perfect blend of expertise, experience and IT tools to help you make informed decisions on Customs related issues.

Customs Duty Management, CFSP Software


In addition to supplying Ricardo, the market leading solution, we also operate a bureau for those clients who choose to outsource their operation - sometimes as a forerunner to running it themselves in house.
As solution architects, no one is better placed than us to maximise the benefits that Ricardo brings. By outsourcing to us, your logistics processes are free to be sourced from the best provider rather than the one who has tied you to their Customs clearance processes.
Our bureau operation is underpinned by our years of experience in both Customs and IT. The best of all worlds.