If you want to use Ricardo via a Bureau, why not talk to us?

Thursday 2nd November 2017

In addition to supplying Ricardo, the market leading Duty Management solution, we also operate an AEO accredited bureau for those clients who choose to outsource their operation - sometimes as a forerunner to running it themselves in house, sometimes to cover short or medium term staff absence.

As the solution architects, no one is better placed than us to maximise the benefits that Ricardo brings.

By outsourcing to us, your logistics processes are free to be sourced from the best provider rather than the one who has tied you to their Customs clearance processes.

Our bureau operation is underpinned by our years of experience in both Customs and IT, and is further enhanced by our unparalleled position at the heart of CHIEF Replacement (CDS) and Brexit planning with HMRC and HM Treasury.

Why talk to anyone else?