Brexit News - Parliamentary Committee Warning

Friday 31st March 2017

The Commons Treasury Select Committee has published correspondence between it's Chairman and Jim Harra - Director General of HMRC. The correspondence surrounds the seeming "collapse in confidence in the successful implementation of the Customs Declaration Service" - (CDS) the replacement to CHIEF. In addition, the Chairman, RT Hon Andrew Tyrie MP, has written to the Chief Executive of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority to request a Delivery Confidence Assessment of CDS to be delivered by 12th April.

Commons Treasury Select Committee

The CDS project, which was planned before the referendum vote, is large and complex - Brexit has increased the complexity and the potential scale of transactions it must cover.

The overall project plan has had to flex to take account of the potential, but as yet unknown, landscape that awaits us - the movement of project confidence from "green" to "amber/red" is probably an indication of the importance and diligence HMRC are applying to the project.

Happily, HMRC are working with their partners (and we count ourselves amongst them) to ensure that sufficient contingencies are in place to deliver an operational system at the point we leave the EU.

Much hard work is ahead of us.