The Customs Duty Management Specialists

Company Background
Grosvenor has succeeded for the past 34 years in pioneering duty management systems to help importers and exporters throughout Britain and Europe to increase efficiency, improve cashflow and reduce costs. The fact that we are now part of the BluJay Solutions family provides us with the best of all worlds - we are a global leader and an integral part of the Global Trade Network, but can provide unparalleled local expertise.

What We Do
As a company, we not only provide superior Customs duty management solutions and software, but we pride ourselves on the highest standards of implementation process, customer support, and specialist training. Through close liaison with HM Revenue & Customs and other industry specialists, we ensure that we are always abreast of the latest legislation, changes and development. We combine this knowledge with our understanding of your business to ensure that we can find the perfect solution to your Customs duty management requirements. We are at the forefront of the development of the new Customs Declaration system in the UK (CDS) and are actively engaged in ensuring the post-BREXIT customs landscape is robust and sustainable.

Customs Duty Management, CFSP Software
Customs Duty Management, CFSP Software

Our Ricardo/CM UK duty management solutions encompass:

  • Customs compliance
  • High level of support
  • User friendly software
  • Management information
  • Known costs for implementations and consultancy

We understand that you need systems that are developed on tried and tested platforms, written in industry standard programming languages, and that utilise established development tools. Our strength is drawn from employing experienced, professional personnel from within the Customs/Freight industry, and the IT/Programming areas of commerce.

Currently our software portfolio includes:
Customs Freight Simplified Procedures (CFSP), Customs Warehousing, Inward Processing (which now encompasses the Processing Under Customs Control valuation processes) (IP), Outward Processing Relief (OPR), Intrastat Reporting, National Export System (NES), Multi Channel Retail Solution, New Community Transit System (NCTS), Single Authorisation for Simplified Procedures (SASP).

What We Don't Do
We don't try to sell you solutions you do not need. We don't pretend to be able to consult on any subject. We don't dilute what we do just to chase a revenue stream. We don't keep the knowledge we gain a secret and package it up to sell. We are a Global company providing local knowledge.